Squamish Wood Fuel Supply

Price List FEBRUARY 2019

Standard prices including delivery

Wood Type Load Size Whistler
North/West Vancouver
Lions Bay
Furry Creek
Squamish Area
Full mix

1/2 Cord

Full Cord








1/2 Cord

Full Cord







Taxes (5% GST) not included, All prices subject to change.

BOWEN ISLAND:   At this time, we are unable to deliver to Bowen Island.  Please contact us in the spring.  NOTE: we only deliver a full truck load (3.5 cords, more than one address no problem) and the ferry cost will be split/pro rated per address and in addition to the cost of the cord which is WEST VANCOUVER prices.

VANCOUVER:    distance dependent. On Average, an additional 10-20% on top of Whistler prices

PEMBERTON:  We also enjoy Pemberton but this time of year, full trucks only please  (3.5 cords)

Other Pricing Information:

  • Honest Cord (115-140 cubic feet)
  • Piece sizes: 14-16” long, largest pieces  average are 8” by 9” diameter—very few pieces in a load are this large. Most of the pieces are ready to go straight into the fireplace or woodstove:  SMALLEST is 13inches.  Remember, having a fire is some work but worth it, you may need to chop some pieces…
  • Prices include delivery
  • We no longer are able to provide kindling
  • A full cord split between 2 addresses is TWO HALF cords and the price reflects this.
  • 10% discount in  May, ONLY Full Cord or more;  one address ONLY (full mix  only)
    • Great service and TRUE cords… all guaranteed!