Squamish Wood Fuel Supply

Price List FEBRUARY 2019

Standard prices including delivery

Wood Type Load Size Whistler
North/West Vancouver
Lions Bay
Furry Creek
Squamish Area
Full mix

1/2 Cord

Full Cord








1/2 Cord

Full Cord







Taxes (5% GST) not included, All prices subject to change. ALL PRICES will be increasing as of FEBRUARY 01, 2020.  Our business is directly impacted by the LOGGING INDUSTRY.  Prices will rise on an average of 10%.

BOWEN ISLAND:   At this time, we are unable to deliver to Bowen Island.  Please contact us in the spring.  NOTE: we only deliver a full truck load (3.5 cords, more than one address no problem) and the ferry cost will be split/pro rated per address and in addition to the cost of the cord which is WEST VANCOUVER prices.

VANCOUVER:    distance dependent. On Average, an additional 10-20% on top of Whistler prices

PEMBERTON:  We also enjoy Pemberton but this time of year, full trucks only please  (3.5 cords)

Other Pricing Information:

  • Honest Cord (115-140 cubic feet)
  • Piece sizes: 14-16” long, largest pieces  average are 8” by 9” diameter—very few pieces in a load are this large. Most of the pieces are ready to go straight into the fireplace or woodstove:  SMALLEST is 13inches.  Remember, having a fire is some work but worth it, you may need to chop some pieces…
  • Prices include delivery
  • We no longer are able to provide kindling
  • A full cord split between 2 addresses is TWO HALF cords and the price reflects this.
  • 10% discount in  May, ONLY Full Cord or more;  one address ONLY (full mix  only)
    • Great service and TRUE cords… all guaranteed!