DECEMBER 3rd , 2023 update

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WINTER is here and there is snow in Whistler…!

We have our FULL MIX available only at this time…mix of hard and soft…often alder, fir and hemlock but does depend on what is best in the yard on delivery day. Reminder, there will be WET wood in the load during the wet/cooler months…. Nonetheless, you all know that PETE does his very best!

NO yard pick ups at this time.

November is BOOKED. We have just a FEW spots for DECEMBER including around the Holidays! Please be patient and kind if you are frustrated by the wait and the much higher chances of some wet wood in the load…we do deliver YEAR ROUND and do our very best to work as hard as possible. Delivery areas MUST be clear of snow/ice for a safe delivery. We will NOT deliver if the area is not cleared.

There has been some movement on the ‘or sooner’ list so feel free to request this with your confirmed bookings

We will be closed DEC23-DEC27th inclusive and again DEC 31-JAN2nd 2024.

DELIVERIES and WOOD information: we are working full time; all year round! SPRING/SUMMER are always the best times to order/receive your wood. When we book into the cooler/wetter months, we absolutely can not guarantee all dry wood. That is why we deliver ALL YEAR ROUND!. Pieces are roughly 14-16″ length and vary in diameter. Some of our customers have to split some of the pieces to fit their stove.

Pete does his very best to ensure that everyone gets the best load that is available. Remember, with our deliveries there is bits/scraps in the load. The size of the pieces are on average 14-16″ in length but definitely vary as we use a large industrial processor to cut the wood. This is unavoidable as it is actual logs that are processed with bark and such. Most of our customers LOVE this for kindling/firestarter.

We are heading to Whistler 5 times per week and South x1. Delivery time is still roughly between 10-12 for Whistler and South.

Remember: Not ideal to plant your garden in August; you will get something but not what you had hoped; It’s the same with firewood! :). Plan ahead and order EARLY to avoid the struggles of a fall/winter delivery!