February 05, 2019

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Welcome to 2019.

REST, RELAXATION and REPAIRS:  Squamish wood fuel supply will be CLOSED from FEBRUARY 12-MARCH 10 inclusive.  Pete needs to rest and relax and all the equipment needs maintenance and repairs.

Please do not leave phone messages during our closure;  emails will be answered in the order they arrive.

Current delivery info: For WHISTLER area .. we have NO MORE  openings until AFTER closure.  SQUAMISH:  we have space for up to 2 more cords on Sunday FEB 10, 2019…after that it would be when we re-open.  are all    SOUTH :  no more deliveries until after we reopen.

NOTE:  Prices have increased as of JANUARY 01, 2019.

Also;  we are unable to shovel driveways, walkways, navigate icy roads etc so please ensure as we head into winter, you have the area cleared so we can get the wood nice and close!

As you know, Spring is the best time for wood.  As the cooler, wetter weather sets in, perfect, dry firewood is not possible in the entire load.  We ABSOLUTELY do our best to ensure that there is dry wood in every delivery but please don’t expect SPRING wood in the FALL/WINTER.

Also, our full mix is still what we have available.  It is a mix of woods that are best in the yard on the day of cutting;  it could be a mix of alder, fir and/or hemlock.   It all depends on what the best wood in the yard is on delivery day.

We do our very best to provide honest, up to date information on our firewood and we appreciate our customers understanding.